Thank you for visiting Dots On Pots. My online store has new designs / sizes being added all the time. Each pot is lovingly created by hand so if the item in your cart is marked ‘backorder’ it just means I have to create it especially for you – such is the nature of handmade items. This could take a few weeks depending on blank stock being available and the volume of orders at the time. Please email to let me know if you have specific deadline requirements or if you have any other questions.

Custom orders are also welcome.

Two new designs added May 2020


Succulent Workshops


27 May 2020: Dots On Pots and Berna’s Succulent Garden have been discussing the possibility of recommencing our succulent workshops – abiding by number limitations and maintaining strict social distancing rules, of course. Once we come to a firm decision we will publish updates here and on our relevant Facebook pages.

Thank you for your patience during recent months. We know there are a lot of people waiting to be part of our workshops.

It is still possible to order a pot and request an arrangement be done for you – just let us know!

A little about Dots On Pots…

Dots On Pots came into being in October 2015 and merges a love for art and creating things as well as a love of gardening.

Many years ago I created pots as gifts for family members.

As the years went by I realised that the pots sold by major retailers were mostly uninspiring so I decided to create some unique pots and see if anyone was interested.

Nervously, I bought ten pots, some brushes and a few tubs of paint.

I posted my creations on Facebook and was pleased to see that the pots were popular. People bought them and used them for indoor and outdoor plants; filled them with treats to give as presents and one person uses their custom-designed pot as a cutlery holder.